How It Works

Our Philosophy


Our Birthing Center was built upon the belief that childbirth is not an illness and should not be treated as such. We strive to provide a labor which is safe, comfortable and drug & intervention free. We wish to offer another alternative to hospital and home birth. Our Birthing Center will deliver care in a spa-like setting where care providers, usually midwives, will provide family-centered care to low risk pregnant women. Our midwives and staff subscribe to the "wellness" model of birth, which means that they provide continuous, supportive care and interventions will only be used when medically necessary. At Our Birthing Center we wish to empower women and make them partners in the decision making process of their birthing experience. For example, at Our Birthing Center women are encouraged to eat if they are hungry, move about and spend time in a tub or shower as they wish, and push in whatever positions they find most comfortable. Our Birthing Center recognizes that the mother knows what her body needs to give birth. The midwives and staff attend to her needs, while diligently watching for signs that are outside the realm of wellness.



What to Expect

Who will attend your delivery?

Our Birthing Center is an open model Birthing Facility, which means clients obtain their pre-natal care at their provider and then meet their care provider at the facility for their labor and delivery (just as they would at a hospital or homebirth). Your care provider will be the one to deliver you. Additionally, the facility has a staff of Registered Professional Nurses who will also attend the delivery.


Natural Birthing

Our Birthing Center is here to provide you with an intervention and drug free birth experience. The staff is trained to help coach you through labor and is committed to helping you have a drug-free birth if you choose one. Epidurals — which require an anesthesiologist — are not available at the birth center. Instead, Our Birthing Center is encouraging and supportive of natural forms of pain management, such as ambulation, hydrotherapy, acupressure, herbal preparations and the use of Nitrous Oxide which is available for our patients use.


Mother and Baby Bonding

After delivery your baby will remain with you. All of the newborns examinations take place in your room so that there’s no required separation from your baby.



Patients at Birthing Centers can be discharged as soon as two hours after delivery and no later than 24 hours after delivery. Typical discharge is 4-6 hours after delivery, with the idea that sticking around really isn't necessary — or desirable — if you and your baby are doing well. Actual discharge time will be determined by your care provider based on your individual circumstances. Your care provider will schedule a follow up visit for 24-48 hours after delivery to see how things are going, and for certain required newborn screening tests.



In the event of complications, either during labor, postpartum or with the newborn, Our Birthing Center has a formal transport agreement in place with Morristown Medical Center and their ambulance service. Morristown Medical Center is located less than 2 miles from Our Birthing Center.


Family & Friends

When delivering at Our Birthing Center the client can decide who will be with you or near you as you give birth. The birth center brings generations together to celebrate new life by encouraging grandparents and children to participate in the birth if you so choose. Of course partners and friends are also welcome. Children 12 and under who are attending delivery must be accompanied by a support person who will be responsible for them.



Our Birthing Center follows the open model approach, which means we are open to all clients as long as you meet our criteria and your care provider has been credentialed by our facility.

Current Providers


In order to be eligible for delivery at Our Birthing Center, patients must meet the following criteria:

The registration process

  1. Tour Facility

  2. Complete Verification of Benefits Consent Form

  3. Complete required Registration Forms

  4. Childbirth Education Class




Childbirth Classes

Clients who wish to deliver at Our Birthing Center will be required to participate in a childbirth preparation class orienting patients with what to expect when delivering at Our Birthing Center. Classes are complimentary and given once a month at Our Birthing Center by a member of our Nursing Staff who is also a Certified Childbirth Educator. Classes will discuss self and baby care after discharge from the birthing center and what to expect during the first few days following childbirth and an overview on breastfeeding.



Doulas and/or birthing coaches are strongly recommended and highly encouraged by Our Birthing Center, especially for first-time Moms. We recommend patients discuss this and get a referral from their midwife.

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Insurance & Payments:

Our Birthing Center is currently not an In-Network participating provider. For patients who do not have Out-of-network benefits, we are very often able to obtain an exception so that your insurance plan will cover your birth at Our Birthing Center. For patients with Out of Network benefits, the Out of Network benefits can be utilized. We are not a Medicaid provider.

In order to determine your insurance eligibility we will perform a Verification of Benefits. You may complete a Consent Form to have a Verification of Benefits completed.

Payment Plans are available for self paying clients. Financial Aid is available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our billing department to discuss further.

Any Financial Arrangements made with Our Birthing Center are for the facility and do not include your Midwives services. Services provided by your Midwife may or may not be covered by your health benefits plan. Please check with your Midwife to determine which health benefits plan they participate in. You may also consult with your insurance carrier to verify coverage, copayment, deductible and coinsurance amounts.