It’s a new day for childbearing families in New Jersey! Our Birthing Center provides a beautiful, welcoming place for birth, centered in the midwifery model of care.
— Kate Bauer - Executive Director, AABC

My midwife and Nurse were both very caring, supportive, and attentive. I really liked the atmosphere of the birthing center. It was calm, comfortable, and spacious. In all, I was very satisfied with my birth experience and would use Avalon Midwives and the Birthing Center again. I will definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you so much for being so helpful with everything. I really appreciate it.
— Mushki H.

We had such a wonderful experience at Our Birthing Center. It is so exciting that New Jersey is now offering this option to women! The facility is absolutely beautiful. It has all the amenities you would need and want for the perfect birth experience. The rooms are quiet, private and clean. We will definitely be coming back to Our Birthing Center for future births!
— Noelle C.

I found this center particularly interesting and somehow different. When I finally figured out why it was different, it was an exciting leap into the future. I kept saying it was beautiful but on the drive home I felt that description was weak and did not communicate what I felt. By the time I arrived back in Perkiomenville, I had found the words that better described my experience than just to say it was beautiful. It was empowering in its simplistic communication and eloquence. Thank you to all who put together this place for giving birth within the framework of the medical model of care if and when indicated. It represents progress toward developing the system of education and care needed to empower women and families to take more responsibility for their own health – seeking medical care when needed. I hope they are able to replicate this model.
— Kitty Ernst - founding mother of AABC

What a great option for women in Central NJ! As a birth doula, I know that many women in our area are looking for something in between a hospital birth and a homebirth. This is that option. We took the tour today; what a great facility! I look forward to working with doula clients here in the future.
— Dorothy

AABC is proud to welcome another birth center member that truly exemplifies the midwifery model of care and upholds our evidence-based standards. More than anything, we are excited about what this means for the women of New Jersey. For too many years, we have had to tell parents-to-be that freestanding birth center care was not available in the state. We are so glad that has changed!
— Kate Slider – Associate Director, AABC

I am so excited about being able to give birth to my daughter at Our Birthing Center! She is expected to arrive the beginning of March! Being a doula myself, I am very familiar with the birth process and I have total confidence in my body to unfold naturally as it was designed to do. Knowing that women have more natural births and far fewer cesareans when they plan to deliver out of the hospital, I wanted to find an alternative yet my husband was not fully comfortable with a home birth. Our Birthing Center was the perfect option for us to have the homelike birth setting I want in an environment that is set up to accommodate a woman having natural childbirth. The facility feels like you are in a luxury hotel suite and it will be even better than giving birth in the comfort of my own home!
— Heidi